Ye Han's portfolio

My Daily Experiment - film | motion graphics | stop-motion -

motion graphics

[My Daily Experiment]
Final Project for Visual Music Studio class

Animation: Ye Han

Director: Mennie Shen + Ye Han
Music: Dahi Divine

MFA Design and Technology + BA/BFA The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music


This project is a collaboration between MFA DT and BA/BFA Jazz school at the new school, and it's a project based on the daily experiments of people's lives in NYC. None of us are from NYC, Dahi is from Philadelphia, Mennie's from Taiwan, and I'm from Beijing. We want to combine our expeirnece together into this video to talk about the experiments we are 'conducting' everyday. It's about our lives here - what we have seen, what we have encountered, and what we have been experiencing.