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Blue Dot Branding

Branding Design
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Logo Design
Art Direction

Blue Dot brings a new kind of boutique that collects design and creativity, and gathers them into one coherent space. With experiences in NGO, Blue Dot aims to bring the concept of making the world a better place into the idea of collecting a rational group of fashion design into one joyful space that people would share and communicate, while taking a modest and natural approach to fetch various design brands for creating a beautiful space.

Clients requested to have a clean and minimal image for the logo, while still reminding the fashion and design elements.

It started with a bunch of random sketches below ⬇️


 Then various sketches were cleaned up and gathered into one file ⬇️ and clients reviewed the following 9 options


After review clients selected a few options, and the following 7 were then picked by the clients ⬇️


No.4 from the gathered design sheet above were selected as the final logo design for Blue Dot boutique shop, then it came to the time to finalize the logo

logo with lines.jpg

A bunch of stationaries were requested along with the logo design, for example, shop cards ⬇️


Shopping bags ⬇️


Here are some photos of the store (taken by an interior architectural space photographer)


Membership Card ⬇️

Letter Copy 12.jpg