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Web Accessibility for the MET

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The Web Accessbility project is designed to make the museum experience of the MET better for people generally. Our project is designed with the goal of being able to translate the experience design that exists within the museum walls, to that of the online infrastructure. We believe that by creating a series of best practices for the online experience, we can extend the museum mission, and bring the education that the museum has to offer to a broader audience. In order to make this happen, we are creating a series of best practices that are designed for museum and creative professionals. We are using the Metropolitan Museum as a starting point, so that we can learn the fundamental tools and approaches that can be extended to other cultural institutions.
The project includes a website that enables better functions for people with visual impairment, an descriptive video demonstrating what we have done and what we are trying to achieve through our project, and some best practices guide to teach people how to make the museum experience better - one guide is designed for making the object description better and another one is designed for developers who can make the website better. The entire project was developed for more than 4 months, and it's produced by Ye Han, Meagan Durlak and Kamilla Kielbowska.
For more information about the project:

Here are some reports about our project being presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

This is a finalized introduction video I made for Web Accessibility project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art;
with background music by 34 ALIBI-Flaring Sunbeams;

the Web Accessibility project is made by:
Ye Han, Meagan Durlak, Kamilla Kielbowska
MFA Design and Technology x MFA Transdisciplinary Design 
Parsons the New School for Design x Metropolitan Museum of Art